Black History, Civil Rights Heroes, American Heroes vintage t-shirts

Martin Luther King Jr. Tshirt from the 1980s and Positive History tshirt from the 1990s on our etsy shop, Sid Vintage.



Vintage Harley Davidson T-shirts

We recently added these awesome Harley tees to our Etsy shop. Click on any image for more info.

IMG_1797back“Stroke It” with front and back print. Size XLIMG_1798 Size XL, very wornIMG_1793 IMG_1826“Strong Survive” Front and back print. Size Large

IMG_1794 “Righteous Ruler” Size XLIMG_1795 Size XL

IMG_1796Size XL

Vintage Military t-shirts

Click on the image to see our Etsy store listing.IMG_0484This USMC Bulldog t-shirt is from the 1980’s. It’s size Youth 14-16 or XSmall. To see our other XSmall t-shirts, click here.

IMG_0483This is a 1980’s Keesler Air Force Base tri blend, ringer t-shirt size XLarge. To see our other XLarge T-shirts, click here.

1970’s – 80’s Deadstock Souvenir T-shirt Collection

Here’s an amazing collection of deadstock souvenir shirts from the late 1970’s through the early 1980’s. Most of them are Hot Rod, Drag Racing shirts from the southern states.il_570xN.510259780_s0q2il_570xN.510685312_2ribil_570xN.510733073_nx8iil_570xN.510742665_q5l7 il_570xN.510321555_2th3 il_570xN.510333061_ae9b il_570xN.510736821_2prt il_570xN.510739845_ik8z il_570xN.510278484_9k69 il_570xN.510266292_3g3w

Click on any photo to take you to our listing.

You can also shop our vintage t-shirts by size from our T-shirts page.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse, CSN T-shirts

These 2 shirts were recently added to our Etsy store. Click on any image to take you to the link.

This Neil Young and Crazy Horse t-shirt is from the 1991 Ragged Glory tour. It’s very worn in, the sleeves are paper thin. The label says size XL, but it looks Large.


This Crosby, Stills and Nash shirt is from the 80’s printed on a baseball t-shirt size L