A peak at our Mens Spring Collection at the Shop

1960’s Plaid and Madras Sport Coats. Wear with light colored peg leg slacks rolled up above the ankle and oxfords or loafers, all available at the shop. Hawaiian, Nautical, Batik and Paisley short sleeve shirts. These go great with cut-offs or Bermuda shorts.

Vintage 1960’s Sharkskin Jacket looks cool, always

This outfit we used this 1950’s McGregor shirt, light blue with tan speckles, a 1950’s Black tie with white light illusion stripe and little light blue fleur de lis pull the tie and shirt together, and charcoal gray Sharkskin suit jacket. When shopping vintage, look at condition, labels, the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship.Continue reading “Vintage 1960’s Sharkskin Jacket looks cool, always”